Energy efficiency – the first fuel for the EU economy

How to drive new finance for energy efficiency investments

In 2014, the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) published an interim report providing recommendations to trigger more energy efficiency investments in buildings. Now the final report “Energy Efficiency – The First Fuel for the EU Economy”, covering buildings, industry and SMEs, is available. More than 120 active participants, including BPIE, contributed to this international landmark study. The participants represented finance, policy makers, the building sector, industry, SMEs and energy efficiency market participants. Everyone helped in bringing together expertise to address the need to increase the scale of energy efficiency investments across the EU.

To reach the EU’s 2020 targets, a five-fold increase in energy efficiency investments in buildings is strategically important. Therefore, this report provides keys and recommendations to policy makers and market participants in the building sector, industry and SMEs, in order to trigger more energy efficiency investments. The public sector and the private sector are strongly encouraged to collaborate on this matter.

This report also emphasizes the multiple social, economic and financial benefits of increasing energy efficiency investments. Improving Europe’s energy productivity is not only the most cost-effective manner to reduce its reliance and expenditure on energy imports but it also implies a higher energy security, more well-being, job creation and less greenhouse gas emissions. Success factors, new policies and financing solutions for energy efficiency are also identified, which could help increase investors’ confidence and allow new partnerships. Innovative ways to deliver this message to the right stakeholders are one more key factor of the report.

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