Date & Location: 16.05.2014

Building Renovation Strategies. From Directive to Delivery

Delivering ambitious renovation strategies

BPIE, the state of Baden-Württemberg and the German Institute for Energy and Environment (IFEU) presented studies and analysis they conducted supporting Member States’ effort to deliver ambitious renovation strategies. The Baden-Württemberg region’s approach as well as other notable national and regional examples were highlighted, followed with a panel discussion. The workshop gave inspiration for the challenging exercise many European Member states are still dealing with. These case studies were followed by a panel discussion.

Energy efficiency is a central pillar of Europe’s energy policies. The Energy Efficiency Directive from October 2012 (EED, 2012/27/EU) requires all Member States to develop renovation strategies and plans addressing their national building stock. By end of April 2014, Member States need to submit detailed approaches on how to improve the energy demand of their residential and commercial buildings.

While EU legislation requires Member States to develop these national building renovation plans, there is no general commitment to a defined level of ambition, nor common vision nor direction.

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