A look back: A call to action for European policy makers ahead of COP21

The Luxembourg Declaration, aimed to encourage the ongoing transformation of the European energy structure to carbon-free energy with a combination of renewables, demand-reduction through energy efficiency and demand-side management.

Investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency present different profiles than investments in fossil fuels, requiring greater upfront capital and then showing much lower running costs. Reducing the risk attached to renewables and energy efficiency can be done through policy measures and financial instruments. This is shown in this Declaration, which was formally presented on 23 September 2015 by Claude Turmes, MEP from Luxembourg, to the 28 European energy ministers at an informal energy Council under the auspices of the Luxembourgish Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

This document was the result of an extensive consultation process with experts showing past and ongoing work experience within public administration, financial institutions, banks, civil society and international organisations. BPIE was part of this consultation process.

COP21 is a unique opportunity to reverse current unsustainable greenhouse gas emissions trends and to correctly set up renewables and energy efficiency as the leading solutions to fight fuel poverty, enhance energy security and mitigate climate change while creating jobs and boosting growth and innovation. We look forward to see if papers, such as the Luxembourg Declaration and many others had an impact on the deal reached in Paris.

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