[Article] Improving the energy efficiency of residential buildings in Romania

Improving the energy efficiency of the national building stock must be a key priority in the Energy Strategy for Romania, currently under revision for the period 2016-2030 with a view to 2050.

BPIE has been supporting the Romanian authorities in delivering the EU requirements linked to buildings’ energy performance for over 5 years and is making use of this milestone to report on reasons why Romania should include measures to improve the energy efficiency of residential buildings. The Romanian Ministry of Energy has identified the following operational strategic objectives:

  • Maintaining a diverse and balanced energy mix;
  • Increasing interconnectivity – integration with regional energy markets;
  • Supporting investments in energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies;
  • Decarbonising the energy system through competitive market mechanisms;
  • Protecting vulnerable energy consumers and mitigating energy poverty;
  • Improving energy governance.

Some of these points can be addressed with targeted measures to improve the energy efficiency infrastructure of the building stock. In 2008, the residential sector ranked as the most energy-consuming category, even exceeding industry. This calls for more action aimed at the residential sector as it holds a lot of potential to cut energy consumption.

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