Green Solutions Awards 2017: 59 national champions get their ticket for the COP23

The results of the first stage of the Green Solutions Awards are out, each organizing country officially announced their champions. They are now qualified for the international finals and will be now examined by two juries composed of international experts. They will designate winners in each category for buildings, districts and infrastructures. The final results will be revealed on November 15th in Bonn, during the COP23, at la Galerie by WE.

Awards 2017 trends: low carbon and more attention to human

150 projects entered the competition this year, including 118 buildings. 19 countries are represented, showing the growing international recognition of the contest organised. From this wide diversity of projects, we can make out some trends worth highlighting. Buildings are definitely walking the path of low carbon performance, with either innovative or traditional solutions to curb their carbon footprint. Regarding infrastructures, it is now obvious that cities and territories are moving toward green energies and more energy sober cities (smart lighting, renewable energy production, smartgrids…). Last but not least, districts embrace a broader and more comprehensive vision of sustainable cities, a vision not only technical anymore, but more human to integrate inhabitants and life.

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