Surveys – Stakeholder consultation EPBD, Article 19a feasibility study

Inspection of stand-alone ventilation systems and building renovation passport

Two online surveys have just been launched by the consortium leading, on behalf of the European Commission, the EPBD Art. 19a feasibility study on the possible introduction in Europe of inspections of stand-alone ventilation systems and an optional building renovation passport, respectively.

With these surveys, the consortium aims to:

  • understand stakeholders’ perception of drivers and barriers to the respective topics;
  • collect information on existing initiatives and schemes related to the respective topics
  • understand what relevant schemes are and/or should be according to stakeholders.

The results of the survey will feed the study and relevant research.

If you want your voice to be heard, please fill in the relevant survey by April 15, 2019. Extended to April 30! Building Renovation PassportsVentilation systems

More information about the study can be found at Register also your interest to the study here.

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