Dan Staniaszek

Governments, organisations and individuals must treat environmental sustainability as imperative in their day-to-day actions, and not as an afterthought, if we are to maintain and improve on the quality of life must of us take for granted at present.

Since joining BPIE in 2011, Dan has had a broad range of responsibilities, including developing BPIE’s modelling capabilities, knowledge management and financing competence.  He is particularly proud of his work on building renovation strategies: producing the official European Commission guidance for Member States, supporting various countries in developing their own strategies, and also evaluating national strategies since 2014 up to the latest 2020 iterations.

Before joining BPIE, Dan developed a broad experience base across the sustainable energy space, with 25 years in the public, private, non-profit, regulatory and consultancy sectors, half of which was in various senior positions. In advisory roles for governments, companies, NGOs, regulators and others, Dan has influenced the design & deployment of climate change policies and EU Directives, including as strategy lead for the UK Energy White Paper. Among the significant UK policies, he helped devise the Renewables Obligation and the Energy Saving Obligation scheme, both of which are now multi-billion pound programmes.

Dan tries to practice what he preaches by living a low impact lifestyle, conserving energy and water, growing some of his own food, and living in harmony with nature.

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