Margaux Barrett

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Margaux is Communications Manager, where she works on a range of outreach campaigns and activities related to EU-funded and BPIE initiatives.

Prior to joining BPIE, Margaux worked as a research and communication assistant at the European Urban Knowledge Network (EUKN), a multilevel governmental network providing expertise on urban issues, based in The Hague. There, she was in charge of organising events, conducting background research and writing articles for the network. Additionally, she was involved in the communication activities of the Urban Agenda for the EU, a multilevel partnership programme supported by the European Commission.

Her previous experience has also taken her to Vietnam, where she spent some months conducting research on the new urban areas in Hanoi and their integration in the built environment.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and a Master’s degree in European Studies for Urban and Territorial Development from Lille University. She also had the opportunity to broaden her curriculum by spending a year in Sweden to study sustainable development.

In her spare time, Margaux likes reading, doing yoga, biking around Brussels and sometimes playing a few notes on her flute. 

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