Muriel Vincent

In the World through which I travel, I am endlessly creating myself. Frantz Fanon.

Muriel is Senior Communications Manager at BPIE. She actively contributes to evolving BPIE’s organisational communications, manages an array of projects and helps strengthening the narrative on building’s efficiency.

Her previous experiences led her to understand the crucial role that cities and their inhabitants play in the transition to a net zero society. Muriel has also made it her life mission to promote traditionally overlooked perspectives within the climate space. Prior to joining BPIE, Muriel was Audience Development Manager at The Energy Mix, a Canadian online climate news publication where she developed outreach and marketing campaigns targeted towards the publication’s audiences. Muriel then created pathways to help the audiences climb the ladder of engagement from one-time readers all the way to paid subscribers. She also dabbled in other sectors from renewable energies to gender policy to name a few. All in all, her previous experiences have left her always on the lookout for innovative ways to communicate on the climate crisis.

Muriel holds a BA in Modern Languages English and German Applied Law and Economics from University Paris III Sorbonne and a MA of Environmental Policies and Sustainable Development Management from the Catholic Institute of Paris.

Besides her well-known love for traveling that led her to live in 5 different cities across the world, Muriel is recognized in her circle as a “foodie” and can usually be found listening to (or recording her own) podcasts.

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