Randall Bowie

BPIE aims to instigate and accelerate change by supporting and mobilising those who have an economic and societal stake in improving the energy performance of buildings. To dramatically reduce the climate footprint of the built environment and adapt to climate change, BPIE will use and continuously improve its wide-ranging expertise and extensive network. In doing so, it will stand out as a leader and key player in the energy policy debate in Europe.

Randall Bowie is Director for the European Centre for Economic, Environmental and Energy Sustainability, in Sweden. He was previously Chief Consultant, Public Affairs at Rockwool International, focusing on EU energy affairs in Brussels, for over 10 years. Prior to that, Mr. Bowie spent 11 years at the then-DG Energy and Transport of the European Commission, from which he retired. While there, he was one of the original driving forces on energy efficiency (EE) legislation in the Commission, having  been one of the chief architects of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and of the Energy Services Directive (one of the major progenitors of the Energy Efficiency Directive and of EE targets). He was also responsible inter alia for two Commission Energy Efficiency Action Plans. Randall worked earlier in the Swedish Ministry of Industry, the Swedish Energy Agency, and the Swedish National Institute for Economic Research, focusing on energy and energy efficiency legislation, programmes and research, respectively. Randall has also served on the boards of several EE organisations, including the eceee and Coalition for Energy Savings.

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