Senta Schmatzberger

It is easier to go it alone, still you have to make that effort to do it together even if it’s messy and it’s hard. Ruchika Tulshyan

As Project Manager at BPIE, Senta works on buildings policies and their environmental, social and financial impacts. She is specifically interested in the topics of multiple benefits, energy poverty and renewable resources in buildings and their circularity.

Before joining BPIE, Senta worked with the energy efficiency team of Deutsche Umwelthilfe, where she was responsible for European energy and climate policy as well as project development. She advocated for stronger ambition in the Clean Energy Package and analyzed the German NECP regarding its energy efficiency measures. She also worked with the stakeholder network #effizienzwende, which calls for more ambitious energy efficiency policies in Germany.

She has over 10 years of experience in energy efficiency policy and project management, having worked for a diverse range of organizations and topics ranging from renewable energy at the German Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) to climate change within the observer organization’s liaison unit of the UNFCCC secretariat.

 Senta loves developing innovative ideas for projects with a focus on Central and Eastern Europe, which has been a major interest of hers since her Erasmus semester at the University of Warsaw.

She holds a Masters in Political Science from the University of Salzburg and a postgraduate certificate in environmental science from the University of London.

When she is not at work Senta can be found learning Amharic, spending time in nature or reading a good book.

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