Date & Location: 12.05.2022
Double Tree Hotel, Brussels And Online

AmBIENCe Final Conference: lessons learned and future trends for deploying Active energy performance contracting in the EU

Join the final conference of AmBIENCe, to discuss results and lessons learned in the field of Active energy performance contracting!

In the last three years, the AmBIENCe project worked on extending the concept of Energy Performance Contracting to Active Buildings and making it available and attractive to a wider range of buildings. In its final conference, AmBIENCe will present the new concepts and business models for performance guarantees of Active Buildings and discuss implementation and future trends in the EU.

The first session will focus on how the energy performance contracting and the active elements introduced by AmBIENCe fit into the current EU framework. We will also discuss the current status of the regulations in the four focus countries of the project (Italy, Spain, Belgium and Portugal) and give recommendations on the future deployment of the Active building energy performance contracts in the EU.

The second session will instead focus on the practical implementation of the Active building energy performance contracts, with lessons learned from the AmBIENCe pilots in Belgium and Portugal and best practices from the EU. We will also discuss further future trends and exploitation in a panel discussion putting together different experts in the field.

The event will be held in English, in Brussels and online.

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