Date & Location: 15.10.2015

COHERENO Final conference – Collaboration for housing nZEB renovation

Innovative business strategies for successful collaborations

Dena, TU Delft, Segel, VCB, Sintef, BPIE, Vito, PHP and Ogut presented the results of the EU-funded project COHERENO and draw conclusions for policy-makers and constructions stakeholders during this afternoon conference, following the Renovate Europe Day in Brussels.

New collaborative business models for high-efficiency refurbishment of single-family owner-occupied houses to nearly zero-energy levels have been developed in the partner countries. From financing, consulting and planning, right through to implementation, all parties in the construction process were involved. Especially quality-assurance mechanisms were cost-effectively integrated into the business models, thereby increasing customer confidence.

You can watch the whole conference in the video below.


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