Date & Location: 26.06.2014

Teaming-up with policymakers for a future EU nZEB building stock

A workshop on the intelligent design of integrated policy packages

The intelligent design of integrated policy packages will be crucial to achieving ambitious energy and COsavings in the building sector. The objective of the IEE project ENTRANZE is to stimulate the policy making process by providing evidence-based and tailored policy recommendations.

The Energy Economics Group from the Vienna University of Technology and BPIE will co-organised the project’s final conference during the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW). The event looked into how Member States can achieve a strong and fast penetration of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings as well as renewable heating and cooling within the existing national building stocks. It  showcased innovative policy sets and implementation solutions for nZEB and RES-H/C carried out in an integrated, effective and efficient way. It was also an opportunity to share up-to-date background information on the EU building stock and valuable support to implement high-quality deep renovation measures in the form of user-friendly innovative tools.

The conference allowed the audience to understand the effectiveness of sound policy instruments in supporting deep renovation and RES-H/C uptake and their specific design; exchange solutions as well as ideas though interactive discussions with key stakeholders and learn from the experience of different MS. Participants were able to take part in lively debates, understand the challenges ahead and have specific insights on how to move towards an nZEB future.

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