[Infographic] Efficient buildings as micro energy-hubs

A three-part infographic showcasing the benefits, the role of buildings in a balanced energy system and enabling measures. Buildings can generate energy, provide storage and deliver demand response.

BPIE_Buildings_Infographic_2Buildings are more than just stand-alone units using energy from the grid. A micro energy-hub can be considered as a building or a group of buildings flexibly connected and synchronised with an energy system, being able to produce, store and/or consume energy efficiently. It can be flexible, adapting to the needs and simultaneously strengthening the energy system.

For more information on this topic read BPIE’s short paper Buildings as Micro Energy-Hubs Delivering Climate Solutions.

In a recent paper, BPIE identifies 10 principles for buildings to become micro energy-hubs which should be the reference when re-designing our energy system.

Download the full infographic as well as each separate section below.

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