New BPIE report on strengthening energy security in South-East Europe by investing in buildings

An analysis by BPIE of the vulnerability to gas supply disruptions concludes that Central and South East European (SEE) countries are facing a strategic choice.

The latest BPIE report finds that Slovakia and Hungary face a severe risk, and Bulgaria a substantial risk to be unable to heat the national building stocks. The report presents a new Building Vulnerability Indicator and offers an alternative solution to mitigating supply risks through building renovation. A dedicated renovation programme could, within 20 years, address all gas-using buildings in the region and reduce the building stock gas consumption by as much as 8.2 bcm/a, or 70% of the current consumption.

BPIE puts forward a set of recommendations covering risk assessment and preventive measures, guidance on investment opportunities as well as on developing future EU and MS level strategies.

For more on this read the full report at this link.

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