New Compendium on GHG Emissions Baselines & Monitoring: Building and Construction Sector

The Compendium on GHG Emissions Baselines & Monitoring: Building and Construction Sector is the third volume of the Compendium Series on GHG Baselines and Monitoring published by UNFCCC, GIZ, PEEB, BPIE and GlobalABC. The aim of this volume is to provide an overview of the depth and extent of the sources of GHG emissions in the building and construction sector.

Besides giving an overview of the different sources of GHG emissions from the building and construction sector, this volume on the building and construction sector also provides methodologies for quantifying these emissions to feed into the preparation and reporting of national GHG inventories.

By better understanding the sources of emissions over the whole life cycle of buildings, it thus provides guidance on the most appropriate and effective mitigation strategies and policies for decarbonizing the building and construction sector based on national circumstances.

We are optimistic that the guidance contained in this volume will be of some help to developing country Parties to make informed choices when setting building and construction sector emission reduction targets; implementing climate change mitigation actions and reporting on them in their national communications, biennial update reports and in future, biennial transparency reports.

Find the Compendium here.

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