New project, ExcEED, mending the data gaps

A newly launched EU-funded project, ExcEED, promises to establish a robust and durable return of knowledge mechanism collecting actual buildings energy performance data and providing information to policy makers, designers, and energy managers.

Note: website now available

ExcEED aims to develop a European energy efficiency database collecting meaningful data from buildings and districts, and making them available to decision-makers, commercial stakeholders and researchers, in order to advance knowledge and improve efficiency of the building sector.

Moreover, the project will answer the need for transparency and comparability of energy performance calculations. The database and tools to be developed over the next three years will offer insights to support decision-making and point to weaknesses that a building or cluster of buildings might have as well as measuring the impact of certain technologies.

Key performance indicators will be developed to quantify and benchmark the energy efficiency and the environmental quality at building and district level.

The ExcEED database and tools are meant to support building managers, designers, citizens, industry and policy makers to pull together the knowledge looked-for to create an energy efficient, healthy and comfortable built environment.


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