New project on community action and energy sufficiency kicks off in Bratislava

The ComActivate project, funded through the LIFE Programme and coordinated by Habitat Europe and Middle East, will develop and demonstrate solutions for MFABs that reduce energy poverty, enhance energy security and bring building emissions in line with 2050 climate targets.

Responding to the growing levels of energy poverty across the EU, especially in the CEE region,
ComActivate will be implemented in three municipalities in three countries: Burgas in Bulgaria, Józsefváros in Hungary and Kaišiadorys in Lithuania. These countries represent different regions of CEE with differing sets of constraints, yet each country has a similar history, geography, climate, and operational constraints to their neighbouring cluster of countries, aiding regional replication.

Around 60% of people in CEE live in Multi-Family Apartment Buildings (MFABs), and the social, technical, legislative, and financial challenges to MFAB renovation are complex and undefined, especially when it comes to renewable energies. ComActive will develop, demonstrate and advocate solutions for MFABs that reduce energy poverty, enhance energy security, and bring building emissions in line with climate targets (near complete decarbonisation by 2050) through:

  • Institutionalisation of Resource Centres (RCs) at the local level as a recognised mechanism to reach energy poor communities and facilitate agreement in Home Owner Associations (HOAs);
  • Developing Neighbourhood Energy Sufficiency Roadmaps (NESRs) to address the complexities of renewable energies for MFABs and determine how energy needs can be secured in line with poverty alleviation and climate neutrality;
  • Building the capacity of HOA managers for the implementation of renovations, and raising awareness of communities to dispel concerns about the benefits of renovations; and
  • Creating Public-private policy and investment dialogues at national and EU levels.

The project partners include:

  • Metropolitan Research Institute – Hungary
  • Jozsefvaros Municipality – Hungary
  • BPIE – Belgium
  • IWO – Germany
  • EnEffect – Bulgaria
  • Burgas Municipality – Bulgaria
  • Habitat for Humanity Europe and Middle East
  • Eko Invest – Croatia
  • Lithuanian Consumer Alliance – Lithuania
  • Kaisiadorys Municipality – Lithuania

ComActivate builds on the work and achievements made during the ComAct project; with municipalities joining the project, ComActivate will aim to strengthen local resource centers and build capacity for Homeowners associations. Stay tuned for updates!

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