The Building Efficiency Accelerator launched new website with resources for cities

The Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) is a public-private collaboration that turns global expertise into action to accelerate local government implementation of building efficiency policies and programs. BPIE is a BEA partner.

The BEA global partnership is designed to complement existing networks of cities by facilitating access to global expertise in building efficiency topics and providing a venue for engagement with private sector partners. The BEA process of engagement in a city includes guidance and technical advice to:

  • Assess and prioritize locally-appropriate building efficiency policies and actions
  • Implement actions, matching city needs with available expertise, technical resources and tools
  • Track action and documenting progress, and share lessons learned
  • Increase ambition for improving the overall efficiency of the building stock

The BEA engages with cities based on the needs of the city and the activities that the partnership can provide in each location. Cities will prioritize policies and activities, and the partnership will connect them to technical resources and engagement opportunities around those priorities.

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