Experiences of developing local renovation strategies

This report, developed under the framework of the H2020 project EmBuild, mirrors the step-by-step approach used to support municipalities with their renovation strategies: planning (including gathering data to establish an inventory of the building stock and developing policies and measures), investing (identifying sources of financing) and capturing the benefits of renovation.

This report presents selected examples of these steps and explains how tools developed by EmBuild have been used to support the development of renovation strategies. These examples can provide inspiration for other public authorities developing renovation strategies.  In addition, the experiences in Gorna Malina (Bulgaria) and Waltenhofen (Germany) are described in detail.

The partners in EmBuild supported 95 municipalities in Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia, Romania and Serbia to develop local renovation strategies. By the end of 2018, it is expected that strategies will be adopted in 20 municipalities.

There are eight municipalities with renovation strategies adopted (as of March 2018), and a further 37 where strategies are under development but may not be adopted by the end of 2018. In addition, in 50 other municipalities public officers have been involved and provided with support but are not currently working on strategies. Over 850 public officers were engaged in the project by various means including national, regional and local conferences, workshops, roundtables, direct consultation and communication, meetings and field visits.

Challenges which have hindered the development of strategies include the lack of a national renovation strategy to set the framework, lack of data, insufficient capacity and knowledge, and financial barriers. The conclusions and recommendations of this report look at how EmBuild overcame some of these challenges. Also, in some municipalities strategies are not currently being
developed due to different political priorities for 2018, new mayors and elections.

More on the project can be found at this link.

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