Multiple benefits of increased energy performance in residential buildings– Factsheets from the users’ and owners’ perspective

Building renovation not only offers multiple health and well-being benefits to the occupants but can also have significant impacts on the building value, rentability, fluctuation and risk portfolio from a building owner’s perspective.

The high energy saving potential of building renovation and its role in meeting European and national climate targets are widely known. Still, residential renovation measures are slow, and a negative image of building insulation works often prevails among tenants and homeowners.

The joined project “Multiple benefits as a driver of energy-efficient building renovation” with the Humboldt-Viadrina Governance Platform aimed to put a focus on the target-specific benefits of building renovation in multi-stakeholder events and to develop valuation approaches in expert workshops. The following factsheets summarise the outcome of the project which is funded by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU).

The first factsheet summarises the health and wellbeing benefits of private homeowners. A well-insulated building can prevent respiratory diseases and psychological harm for the inhabitants and a high thermal comfort to increase occupants’ wellbeing. The factsheet stresses the importance of an effective communication of a good indoor environmental quality when renovation measures are being planned and presents instruments to convey these aspects.

The other factsheet shows how renovation measures have significant advantages both for the tenant and the building owner. The factsheet outlines the core benefits of (deep) renovation measures for building owners, such as value appreciation, reduced risk portfolio, higher reputation and lower administration costs. Moreover, a stronger involvement of tenants in the renovation process can increase the awareness of the benefits coming from energy efficient buildings and might increase acceptance of the renovation works.

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