Unlocking the potential of community-driven models to drive residential renovation:
Insights from six case studies

One-stop-shops can play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between energy efficiency subsidies and building renovations. Through an analysis of 6 successful one-stop-shops, this report highlights the need to apply a holistic approach to their implementation, centered around the principles of inclusivity, adaptability, and sustainability.

The recast Energy Performance Buildings Directive (EPBD) gives a first-ever mandate to Member States to ensure rollout of one-stop-shops to support renovation efforts, particularly targeting the worst-performing buildings in the residential sector. These are notoriously hard-to-reach projects, and require strong strategic effort.

This ComActivate report provides provides a wealth of knowledge on how to design and implement a one-stop-shop, or Resource Centre (RC – a term coined by the ComActivate project), for Member States, regions, cities and other stakeholders who have an active role in enabling residential renovations.

Background: Inventory of Resource Centre Models and Typologies

Resource Centers (RCs) can play a pivotal role in fostering energy-efficient investments and community engagement on a local scale. Resources Centres can serve as vital hubs, connecting stakeholders such as local municipalities, NGOs, SMEs, and residents, while offering invaluable advice on energy efficiency. Stemming from the groundwork laid by ComAct, the concept of RCs continues to evolve, aiming for institutionalization and sustainability across various locales.

Authored by ComActivate partner Metropolitan Research Institute, delves into the diverse landscape of RCs, drawing parallels with the notion of one-stop shops (OSS). While nuances exist between these concepts, both are instrumental in driving community development and energy efficiency initiatives. Through a meticulous study of global OSS implementations, the report provides critical insights to help refine the development of ComActivate pilot Resource Centres.

The report focuses on six exemplary OSS models across Europe, ranging from the Oktave project in France to the Asenovgrad OSS in Bulgaria. These models represent diverse organizational structures, yet share a common reliance on public sector involvement for sustainability.


Findings of the analysis underscore the growing significance of OSSs in bridging the gap between energy efficiency subsidies and building renovations. While challenges persist, such as complex subsidy schemes and regulatory hurdles, OSSs offer a multifaceted approach to address these barriers. Key takeaways from our study include:

  1. Municipal Engagement: Municipal entities play a pivotal role in ensuring the financial and institutional backing necessary for OSS sustainability.
  2. Stakeholder Collaboration: Successful OSSs thrive on collaborative efforts between public and private stakeholders, facilitated by transparent communication and trust-building initiatives.
  3. Adaptability: OSSs must tailor their services to local contexts, leveraging EU funding where available while remaining flexible in their approach.
  4. Community Outreach: Effective communication and personalized engagement are vital for fostering local involvement and garnering support for renovation projects.
  5. Expertise and Resources: A diverse skill set and access to resources are essential for OSSs to navigate the complexities of energy audits, financing, and legal frameworks.
  6. Digital Presence: A robust online presence enhances OSS visibility and accessibility, complementing on-ground efforts towards sustainable building transformations.

A holistic approach is ultimately required for successful implementation of any OSS, centered around the principles of inclusivity, adaptability, and sustainability.

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