Jelena Simjanovic

Before you go looking for happiness, check - you might already be happy. Happiness is small, ordinary, inconspicuous. Many don’t see it. Duško Radović, a Serbian novelist

Jelena is as a Senior Project Manager who brought to BPIE more than 15 years of global work experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy, electricity & carbon markets, and clean technology fields. Prior to joining BPIE Jelena was with RWE Renewables, where she was working on renewable market development in the US and Asia. Besides working on corporate business development, Jelena’s experiences include advocacy (Transport & Environment), project management (Global CCS Institute); market analytics & strategy development (Refinitiv), as well as policy, technical and market analytics for numerous clients in Europe, United States and Asia such as the California Attorney General’s Office, the World Bank, the Hoover Institution, and many others. In her country of birth, Serbia, Jelena worked with the Alliance to Save Energy, where she implemented the first national energy-efficiency curriculum in schools and worked with local municipalities on energy efficiency improvements in public buildings.

Jelena earned a Master of Public Policy (MPP) and Master of Science (MS) in Energy & Resources degrees at the University of California, Berkeley. There, at the Haas School of Business and the School of Engineering she also specialized at Engineering and Business for Sustainability, and for Management of Technology. At Chuo University in Tokyo, Jelena studied Japanese medieval history, while her bachelor’s in Japanese Language and Culture she earned at University of Belgrade. She is a published author fluent in four languages.

In her free time, Jelena likes to develop fusion recipes inspired by tastes of 8 countries she lived in, and is a fitness instructor. Her goal is to motivate people aged 40+ who may have forgotten to take time for themselves to do so, help them get back in shape and stay healthy for years to come.

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