Liz Eve

Think global, act local - Patrick Geddes, Scottish town planner and social activist

Liz Eve is joining the BPIE Berlin Office as Team Assistant in June 2023. Passionate about architecture, stories and solutions, Liz has worked with a number of organizations in the built environment on creative, business management and communication projects. She enjoys improving processes and supporting teams.

Liz began her academic career with BSc in psychology, writing her dissertation on economic psychology, well-being and debt. Her creative side was calling and she won a scholarship to study photography in Bristol. She became interested in how people and organisations make decisions in relation to environmental change, particularly how visual communication leads to climate action. Studying part-time for an MSc in sustainability and adaptation has brought her deeper into topics in environmental politics, economics, building and city design and transformative adaptation to climate change.

Since moving to Berlin in 2012 she became German, qualified as a permaculture designer and published a book about food forest gardening at Café Botanico. She is a committee member for urban gardening project Feld Food Forest and helped to kick off the EU-Horizon-funded Open Soil Atlas to inspire local people to actively participate in citizen science.

She loves swimming in Berlin’s lakes or wandering in woodlands with family and friends.

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