Sibyl Steuwer

As head of the BPIE Berlin Office, Sibyl is responsible for BPIE’s research activities on climate protection in the building sector in Germany. In addition, she is in charge of outreach to German stakeholders: the team in Berlin is providing information on current European research and policy developments and engages in national debates on climate protection in the building sector.

Sibyl has been working on sustainable energy transitions and the politics of energy efficiency for more than a decade. Her professional expertise includes the governance of the German energy transition, policy instrument choice in climate and energy policy, and the management of multi-stakeholder projects in different areas of sustainable development. Prior to joining BPIE she had worked for the Environmental Policy Research Center at Freie University Berlin, the German Advisory Council on the Environment, and the German Council for Sustainable Development.

Sibyl holds a PhD in political science. In her dissertation project at Freie University Berlin, she compared the implementation of energy saving obligations in different European Member States. She also holds a M.A. and a B.Sc. in Environmental Management.

In her spare time, Sibyl enjoys bike tours, exploring biodiversity, and playing the Orgue.

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