In Bulgaria, BPIE works towards stimulating an effective and active market for the buildings sector

BPIE has been active in Bulgaria since 2012, and now continues its activities and looks to forge new partnerships with national stakeholders in order to fast-track ambitious policies in the field of energy efficiency in buildings.

The first analysis “Accelerating the Renovation of the Bulgarian Building Stock” was launched in 2016 and is available here.

Under the framework of the EUKI project, “Accelerating climate action buildings – strengthening civil society and policy-makers in Romania and Bulgaria”, BPIE develops capacity and transfer knowledge, enabling municipalities and civil society to integrate building renovation strategies in local and National Energy and Climate Plans. BPIE analyses new policy requirements and existing implementation obstacles, creating templates for setting up the renovation strategies and facilitating learning and transfer from the activities carried out in Romania and Bulgaria.

In a guide for municipalities, BPIE recently mapped out available financial schemes for energy efficiency improvements in buildings focusing on accessibility of funding in Romanian and Bulgarian municipalities.


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