Date & Location: 25.06.2020

EUSEW 2020: Spurring Europe’s Renovation Wave: How #BetterBuildingsEU can contribute to #EUGreenRecovery.

This event aims to inspire the policy debate on the “Renovation Wave” in the context of the European Green Recovery.

A range of stakeholders will outline how energy efficient, flexible and renewable-based buildings should play a key role in any recovery plan while contributing to climate neutral, fostering industrial competitiveness, digital innovation, comfort and well-being of occupants. They will highlight the importance of an integrated approach to renovation to ensure buildings are highly energy-efficient, powered by renewable energy, smart and provide environmental, social and economic benefits to EU citizens and society.

An exchange will take place with key policy-makers and the audience around 5 recommendations to shape an ambitious “Renovation Wave” with immediate effects.
The solutions to make buildings better are cost-effective, mature and already on the market. Their deployment must be accelerated through integrated policy measures and significant EU public investments as well as facilitated by innovative financial mechanisms.

The timing of this EUSEW event is crucial. Even before the current crisis, the European Commission proposed, as part of its renovation wave initiative, to work with stakeholders through an open platform on strategies to ensure the renovation of existing buildings. The open platform will be set up after the first analysis by the European Commission of the long-term renovation strategies submitted by Member States in March 2020. Don’t miss it!

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