Date & Location: 1.03.2022

[Webinar] How could a building logbook be efficiently implemented? Experiences from the H2020 project X-tendo

The fourth webinar of the H2020 X-tendo project series will summarise the approach taken in the X-tendo project to develop and implement logbook features and functionalities.

X-tendo is launching its webinar series disclosing the developments of its innovative features and the results of the testing in 9 countries. The webinar series will take place between February and March 2022 for a total of 5 webinars. The webinars will guide the audience in a discussion to improve the quality of an EPC combining various innovative elements.

Whether constructing, renovating, buying or occupying buildings, investment decisions and effective policy instruments crucially depend on transparency, comparability and consistent data. The logbook, a repository of all building-related data, has a significant opportunity to improve communication, trust and the business case for reducing the environmental footprint of buildings. It also has the potential to connect homeowners, tenants and service providers throughout the construction and renovation supply chain. Organised and shared data that can be reused would not only reduce the time and cost needed for collecting missing information, but also unlock a wide range of benefits and advantages to the entire sector.

This webinar will summarise the approach taken in the X-tendo project to develop and implement logbook features and functionalities. A case-study from Portugal will provide a deep-dive into how EPCs, logbooks and renovation services can be integrated into an easily accessible tool. The session will also feature opening remarks from the European Commission and further input from the United Nations Environment Programme’s Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction.

Draft agenda

  • 14:00 Welcome and introduction, Zsolt Toth (BPIE)
  • 14:05 Digital Building Logbooks in the light of recent EU policy developments (Ilektra Papadaki, DG GROW)
  • 14:15 Digital Building Logbook: the X-tendo approach and the key learnings (Jonathan Volt, BPIE)
  • 14:25 Developing and implementing  logbook features in Portugal (Claudia Monteiro, ADENE)
  • 14:40 Panel discussion
    • Ilektra Papadaki (DG GROW)
    • Jonathan Volt (BPIE)
    • Claudia Monteiro (ADENE)
    • York Ostermeyer (UNEP&GlobalABC)
  • 15:15 Closing remarks, Zsolt Toth (BPIE)

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