Application process open: EU-funded project offering free renovation advice and support for energy and seismic safety

Public and private building owners and managers of multi-storey, non-historical buildings are encouraged to apply by July 15th.

The European Commission funded H2020 project e-SAFE has launched a call for proposals to public and private entities to access free, tailor-made building renovation advice. The initiative aims to support owners and managers of non-historic buildings to kick-start the renovation process by identifying the best measures, processes, and financial support schemes to achieve energy efficient and earthquake-safe buildings.  

The e-SAFE consortium of 12 partners is currently developing a market-ready, multi-purpose deep renovation system for buildings, encompassing technological, functional, aesthetic, financial and economic aspects for buildings in earthquake-prone regions in Europe.

“Our mission is to make building renovations that focus on both energy efficiency and seismic safety accessible to those who need it most, and to simplify the renovation process along the way” says Giuseppe Margani, e-SAFE coordinator and Professor of Building Construction at the University of Catania (UNICT), Italy.

“We are thrilled to now test the e-SAFE methodology on real buildings. Even if you don’t plan to renovate immediately, this is an amazing opportunity to prepare for the process, so when the time comes, you can make renovation decisions with confidence that they will carry you over the long-term.”

The e-SAFE project will provide renovation advice and support to two applications, who are owners or managers, from both public or private entities of multi-storey, non-historical buildings that are located in earthquake-prone areas in Europe and in need of renovation.

The first step of the application process is to fill the application form on the e-SAFE website. Only two cases will be selected. The call for applications closes on July 15th.

Among other benefits, the chosen applicants will receive:

  • A survey and 3D models of the building;
  • An energy audit, energy analysis, and structural simulations of the building;
  • A detailed e-SAFE based renovation project through a co-design process with residents, covering architectural, energy-efficient and anti-seismic renovation solutions tailor-made for the building;
  • Suggestions of viable financial support schemes to effectively implement energy and anti-seismic renovations;
  • Visibility at the local and European level

Apply to receive free renovation plans here

“We strongly encourage all potential candidates to apply,” encourages Margani. “This is a rare opportunity to access amazing benefits from a publicly funded research project.”

  • More information on technical requirements can be found here.
  • A flyer with overview of application process and benefits of working with e-SAFE can be found here.

About e-SAFE

e-SAFE is a 4-year European Commission funded project under the Horizon 2020 workstream, comprised of 12 partners from 8 countries. Our aim is to develop a market-ready, multi-purpose deep renovation system for buildings, encompassing technological, functional, aesthetic, financial and economic aspects for non-historic buildings in earthquake-prone regions in Europe.

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