New online tool visualises the discussion around multiple benefits of building renovation among German stakeholders

The project “Multiple benefits as a driver of energy-efficient building renovation” discussed the concept of wider benefits of renovation measures with key German stakeholders. The results of this discourse are now available in an interactive map.

The project aimed to bring more clarity on multiple benefits of energy-efficient building renovation to the public debate by carrying out a series of stakeholder events in Germany. BPIE, together with the Humboldt-Viadrina Governance Platform (HVGP), brought together different stakeholders from the public sector, the business sector, civil society and academia to discuss how to better communicate, quantify and exploit the benefits of renovation activities for building owners and occupants.

The multiple benefits of building renovation regarding health and wellbeing, air quality or job creation are well documented, however not yet fully considered in cost-benefit analyses of renovation decisions. In the future, quantification approaches should be better streamlined and adapted to specific purposes and target groups. The multi-stakeholder approach of the project revealed that tailored approaches for the varying stakeholder groups are crucial, and drew some policy recommendations which can be found in the online discussion map. The project ran for 15 months and was funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU).

Link to the interactive map in English.

Link to the interactive map in German.

The final report of the project can be downloaded here (German only). Factsheets on multiple benefits from a building owner’s and the building occupant’s perspective can be found here.

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