The H2020 project syn.ikia released its video: discover the project in one minute

How can plus energy neighbourhoods be the key to environment friendly, climate resilient, safe & affordable living places and communities?

Discover how Syn.ikia aims to increase the proportion of sustainable neighbourhoods with surplus renewable energy in different contexts, climates and markets in Europe.

In four real-life Sustainable Plus Energy Neighbourhoods in Norway, Spain, The Netherlands and Austria, syn.ikia will demonstrate the concept to the rest of Europe. 

Syn.ikia’s mission is to increase the proportion of sustainable neighbourhoods  with surplus renewable energy in different contexts,  climates and markets in Europe. The project aims at achieving:

  • more than 100% energy savings
  • 90% renewable energy generation triggered
  • 100% GHG emission reduction
  • 10% life cycle costs reduction

*compared to the 2020 nearly zero-energy buildings (NZEB).

Watch the video in English, with subtitles available in Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan and Hungarian

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