Database of grey-box model parameter values for EU building typologies, to improve the field of building energy performance

The H2020 project AmBIENCE is launching a database together with a report that will be able to satisfy different research needs in the field of building energy performance.

This report developed by the H2020 project AmBIENCe describes the development of a European database on building stock, which collects information and data on the parameters needed for both the Energy System Impact Assessment and the creation of performance models. The database provides information about the building stock segments’ reference building, as well as information on the building stock segments, by focusing on:

  • Reference building classification data;
  • Reference building geometry data;
  • Characteristics of the reference building envelope elements;
  • Building stock segment data.

The results compiled in the database can serve as a starting point to assess the flexibility potential when investigating a particular case for which no data/not enough useful data is available. This is relevant for most buildings in EU where examples from the database can be used as input for the calculating the flexibility potential with another tool developed by the AmBIENCe project, that is the ABEPeM platform.

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