Energieeffiziente Gebäude – Motor für die Wärmewende statt Kostentreiber für Mieten und Immobilienpreise

Energy efficient buildings: the influence on real-estate renting and buying costs

BPIE studied how far the construction of energy efficient buildings has been driving the costs for new homes in Germany.

The factsheet finds that the prices for both rented and owner-occupied residential buildings have decoupled from construction prices between 2007 and 2016. The main reason for that is the price increase of building land. At the same time, many construction services related to energy, like the insulation of external walls, helped mitigating this increase.

The factsheet therefore suggests for the debate on affordable housing in Germany to focus on the main cost driver: the land prices. As efficient buildings reduce energy demand and energy costs, Germany should not fall behind the existing minimum energy performance standards. Instead, the country should further develop the standards and make them even more ambitious.

The factsheet is only available in German.

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