National Building Renovation Plans and Zero-Emission Buildings: Policy needs and best practices

National Building Renovation Plans (NBRPs) and zero-emission buildings (ZEBs) are newly introduced policy elements in the recast Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD 2024/1275). This report analyses policy needs concerning the implementation of NBRPs and ZEBs across focus countries in the EPBD.wise project: Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Ukraine.

This report analyses policy needs concerning the implementation of NBRPs and ZEBs across the selected focus countries in the EPBD.wise project — Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Ukraine.

Through comprehensive desk research, stakeholder interviews, and targeted questionnaires, we identified a broad spectrum of policy needs related to NBRPs and ZEBs implementation.

Regarding the elaboration of NBRP, we identified the following main policy needs:

(1) Better availability and understanding of building stock data, in particular for non-residential buildings, which critically impacts strategic planning and implementation of renovation strategies;
(2) Support in defining policies which are in line with defined targets, especially for worst-performing buildings;
(3) Identification of investment needs, budgetary resources and how to leverage private investments;
(4) How to identify and collect data on the worst-performing buildings;
(5) Setting up measures for public buildings;
(6) Analyses on wider impacts and addressing energy poverty
(7) Methods for drafting the trajectories.  

Regarding ZEB-implementation, we identified the following main needs:

(1) Adoption of technical and economically feasible requirements;
(2) Involvement and consultation of industry and citizens prior to the adoption of the national definition; (3) Availability of best practices and examples from other Member States (MS) regarding ZEB concepts or advanced nZEB implementations useful for ZEBs;
(4) Identification of indicators and metrics to be included in the ZEB definition;
(5) Calculation methods and tools for energy and Global Warming Potential (GWP) calculations. 

Together with three other reports, covering Energy Performance Certificates, Renovation Passports and Minimum Energy Performance Standards, this report represents an essential first step in the EPBD.wise project, laying the foundational knowledge and strategic framework necessary for developing tailored and actionable policy recommendations in the next phases of the project.

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