Our Buildings: Templates for setting up consistent national and municipal long-term renovation strategies

The Our Buildings project aims at building capacity and strengthening policy-makers on municipal level to accelerate climate action in the building sector. Under the EUKI framework, the project develops templates for local authorities in Romania and Bulgaria and across Europe.

The first template developed under the Our Buildings framework aims at developing ambitious Long-Term Renovation Strategies (LTRS). The guiding document meant to support national governments to set up their LTRS according to the legal provisions of the Energy Performance of Buildings directive (2018/844/EU). It complements the EPBD Guidance for Public Officers which spells out the process of how to set up a renovation strategy including the required public consultation requirements.

National strategies can only be successful with the involvement of regional and local authorities since they will be required to design and implement detailed municipal action plans to deliver national plans.

The second template therefore specifically addresses the municipal policymakers and stakeholders. The building stock is the most important infrastructure in our municipalities improving people’s health and wellbeing, increasing productivity, and alleviating energy poverty, as well as mitigating climate change. Municipal renovation strategies are crucial to ensure long-term planning in line with required changes and trends. Member States will only reach their energy saving targets if these are implemented at the municipal level. Municipal renovation strategies thus need to take up and reflect the ambition level. They should specify their contribution to the national target, their specific challenges and solutions, and outline the necessary policy provisions and financing instruments.

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