Assisting the development of national LTRS for buildings in Slovakia.

Slovakia, as well as all of the EU countries, is a signatory of the Paris Agreement -with clear obligations and quantitative targets of CO2 reductions under the nationally determined contributions. The EU countries are expected to reflect their climate commitments in National Energy and Climate Plans (NECP), which includes a plan to the Building Sector. Under the EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the EU countries are also required to develop a national Long-Term Renovation Strategies (LTRS) for their building stock. The LTRS are effectively pathways for decarbonisation of the entire building stock by 2050, transposing the climate change commitments for the building sector (public, residential and commercial buildings) into NECP. The Member States are expected to report on implementation of the LTRS with milestone targets by 2030, 2040 and on the final target of 90% decarbonisation by 2050.

In this framework, BPIE supports the Ministry of Transport and Construction of Slovakia in developing a national LTRS and to provide specific analytical inputs with regards to CO2 emission scenarios, policy recommendations, and design of the most suitable financing instruments based on best practice experiences and local conditions and financing needs. BPIE provides general advice on both the structure and content of the LTRS, as well as on its implementation plan.