Benchmarking of promising experiences of integrated renovation services in Europe

Prepared in the framework of the Horizon2020-funded project Turnkey Retrofit, this new report presents a wealth of experiences from one stop shops in Europe.

The report aims to identify, analyse and extract lessons learnt and guidelines from several promising home renovation services in Europe with a focus on:

  • target group audience;
  • offered service;
  • relations between involved stakeholders;
  • data required for operating the service;
  • financial model;
  • number of supported renovation projects
  • and triggered investment.

The two French services that are partnering in the project, Izigloo (now Mon carnet) and Operene, are benchmarked to other services in the EU including: BetterHome, Energiesprong, SIRE, Oktave, RetrofitWorks and more.

This analysis will help identify areas of improvement when it comes to the adaptation and further replication of these services to other EU countries, when developing the Turnkey Retrofit service, Solutions4Renovation.

A short article pitched for the EU Energy Innovation Magazine and available below summarises the report.

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