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Warsaw, Poland

Evaluation and future development of the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in Poland – only in Polish

On September 14, 2017, BPIE held the workshop „Ocena i przyszłość systemu świadectw charakterystyki energetycznej w Polsce”  ("Evaluation and future of the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in Poland”, the forth of a series of events organised in Warsaw, PL.

At the last BPIE Polish event (“Will the new propositions of EC – the Clean Energy package, help in fight against old problem of smog in Poland?“), the participants drew the conclusion that an effective EPC system could be a proper tool for improving the energy efficiency of buildings. The aim of this new workshop, “Evaluation and future development of the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in Poland”, was therefore to evaluate, in a small group of experts, the EPC system functioning in Poland and reflect on its future development.

The discussion started after the presentations of several representatives from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, the Poznań University of Technology, the Lower Silesian Agency for Energy and Environment, the Małopolska Region Centre for Energy Efficient Building and the National Energy Conservation Agency. The evaluation of the current system focused on two main aspects: the type of EPCs  and calculation methodology. Each of the 18 experts gave an assessment and justified it. The two aspects received an average score of 2 and 3 respectively in a 1-5 scale (5=very good).

The workshop results will contribute to the formulation of a solid and common position, representing the basis of BPIE further work on the EPC system, especially in the context of the future changes in the EPBD.

Presentations in Polish are available.

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