Date & Location: 17.09.2015

From design to implementation: Innovative retrofitting approaches

The FP7 project EASEE brought together stakeholders from industry, policy makers and NGOs for a lively exchange of ideas on 17 September 2015 at Warsaw Build (Poland). This was an opportunity to discuss innovative retrofitting approaches and technologies that could lower the energy consumption of buildings.

The EASEE project, which stands for Envelope Approach to improve Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Existing multi-storey multi-owner residential buildings, has developed new insulation materials to transform buildings constructed before 1975 into energy-efficient units, materials applicable to façades, wall cavities and interiors. The insulation materials bring together a novel design and assessment strategies, with scaffolding-free installation approaches to minimise the impact on occupants while reducing energy demand and enhancing the façade’s original appearance.

The EASEE results for external wall insulation are distinguishable from anything else currently on the market due to the simplified dry-construction processes and the high level of customisation. The technologies developed within the project will be tested on demo buildings (in Milan – Italy, in Gdansk – Poland and in Madrid – Spain) and monitored in order to evaluate their performance. The pertinence of the monitoring results will be enhances as the demo buildings cover more than one climate zone.

The developed technologies, lessons learnt at the demo sites and market uptake strategies were shared during a two-hour workshop. Participants were able to take part in lively debates, understand the challenges of such innovative solutions and gain specific insights on how to overcome them. During the expo there was also a stand where participants could further discuss with project partners and see samples of some of the products.

Video of EASEE Demonstration in Gdańsk (Poland) by FASADA


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