Long-term renovation strategies and local building renovation initiatives: case studies from 8 countries

Long-term renovation strategies (LTRS), developed at national level, go hand-in-hand with local building renovation initiatives. This factsheet maps the governance structure, status quo of the process, successes and challenges of LTRS development and local initiatives across 8 countries.

Long-term renovation strategies are a requirement of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) for all member states. Developed at national level, LTRS goes hand-in-hand with local building renovation initiatives, and both are essential to accelerating the transition towards reaching energy efficiency and climate targets.

These factsheets, prepared by BPIE and national Green Building Councils for the H2020 project Build Upon2, identify which levels of governance must cooperate during the design and implementation of long-term renovation strategies across 8 countries: Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Turkey, and the UK. Each factsheet also highlights the status quo of the process, as well as successes and challenges that are faced at local or national level.

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