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Latest publications

Discount rates in energy system analysis - discussion paper (2015)

BPIE commissioned Fraunhofer ISI to investigate the use of discount rates in energy efficiency policy modelling with a focus on the building sector. The paper summarises their use in a number of reports and argues that the use of high discount rates to map non-economic barriers and bounded rationality is not suitable. To simulate real-world investment decisions, it is rather recommended to apply behavioural models which consider individual decision criteria as well as barriers to energy efficiency explicitly.

Download the paper

Factsheet: nZEB definitions across Europe (2015)

While the recast of the EPBD introduced a definition for nZEBs, Member States were given a lot of leeway to draft their own definitions, specific to national contexts. By the end of 2015, the Commission will evaluate the progress MS made on this aspect, BPIE anticipated the exercise with this factsheet summarising the current status of approaches and indicators used by MS (and Norway) for the nZEB definition of new and existing buildings. The findings show that the levels of ambition in defining what an nZEB is vary across Europe.

Download the factsheet

Indoor air quality, thermal comfort and daylight - An analysis of residential building regulations in 8 Member States (2015)

This report provides an overview of the regulatory framework for IAQ, thermal comfort and daylight, and highlights the importance of having appropriate requirements for thermal comfort, ventilation and daylight conditions. It provides concluding recommendations for further policy development relevant for indoor climate. The assessment focuses on the respective building codes for new and existing residential buildings in selected MS: Belgium (Brussels Region), Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden and the UK (England and Wales).

Download the report

Qualification and accreditation requirements of building energy certifiers in EU28 (2015)

Reliable Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) schemes could be part of the key steps towards highly energy efficient buildings. The building certifiers play an important role in ensuring the credibility of the EPC system, therefore, the quality of their skills and performance is essential. Presenting a detailed country-by-country overview of the minimum qualification and accreditation requirements for building energy certifiers, this factsheet also illustrates the Member States’ different approaches to ensure the reliability of EPC schemes.

Download the factsheet

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  • 04.09.2015 - JOB OFFER: BPIE is looking for an Office Manager / Personal Assistant
  • 03.08.2015 - EASEE workshop in Poland: From design to implementation: innovative retrofitting approaches
  • 14.07.2015 - JOB OFFER: BPIE is looking for a senior advisor in Poland
  • 23.06.2015 - COHERENO Final conference - Collaboration for housing nZEB renovation - October 15 in Brussels
  • 16.06.2015 - BPIE's papers from the eceee Summer Study 2015 are available
  • 20.05.2015 - BPIE publishes a discussion paper on the use of discount rates in energy modelling with a focus on the building sector
  • 13.05.2015- Workshop in Bucharest: Transforming and stimulating the energy efficiency market - Presentations available
  • 21.04.2015- BPIE releases a new factsheet: nZEB definitions across Europe
  • 19.03.2015- Indoor air quality, thermal comfort and daylight - An analysis of residential building regulations in 8 Member States
  • 15.10.2015 - COHERENO Final conference - Collaboration for housing nZEB renovation, in Brussels

  • BPIE will speak at the following events in the coming months. 

    • 03-04.09.2015 - Qualicheck conference, EPBD review & elements for better compliance and quality of works in Brussels

    • 08-10.09.2015 - 25th Economic forum in Krynica Zdroj (Poland)

    • 17.09.2015 - EASEE workshop: from design to implementation - innovative retrofitting approaches, in Warsaw

    • 21.10.2015 - Workshop: raising energy efficiency in the EU building stock, in Brussels

    • 18-20.11.2015 - RENEXPO South East Europe, 8th International Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Trade Fair of Romania, Bucharest

    • 26-27.11.2015 - Workshop "A roadmap for the improvement of earthquake resistance and eco-efficiency of existing buildings", Ispra, Italy

    • 05-07.04.2016 - Exhibition and conference on Energy Efficiency & Renewables for South East Europe, Sofia, Bulgaria