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BPIE is involved in several IEE and FP7 European Projects

BPIE is partnering in several IEE and FP7 projects, such as COHERENO, EPISCOPE, CommONEnergy, ENTRANZE and EASEE.
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Setting the 3% target for the renovation of public buildings - status of implementation (2014)

From January 2014, Member States have to renovate each year 3% of the total floor area of heated and/or cooled buildings owned and occupied by their central government. Six months after the deadline to submit a formal notification of article 5 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED, 2012/27/EU), BPIE’s latest research synthesizes in a factsheet the current status of implementation. This factsheet is the first in a series that will focus on policy implementation and other aspects of Europe’s building stock.

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Alleviating Fuel Poverty in the EU (2014)

In 2012, 10.8% of the European population were unable to keep their home adequately warm, increasing to 24.4% when referring to low-income people. Energy subsidies and direct financial support for household heating cannot provide a long-term solution to this problem. However, vigorous energy renovation measures for fuel poor homes can give a sustainable answer to fuel poverty. The study describes the current situation and makes some recommendations on how to achieve the social, environmental and energy goals set by the EU for 2020.

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  • 31.07.2014 - Save the Date - KEA, EBC and BPIE Investors Day, November 6
  • 30.07.2014 - June 26 EUSEW ENTRANZE conference recording available
  • 04.07.2014 - BPIE releases a factsheet analysing the status of implementation of article 5, EED
  • 03.07.2014 - BPIE welcomes a new Chairman of its Board of Directors
  • 12.06.2014 - Climate change: implications for buildings - IPCC report 
  • 27.05.2014 - BPIE's latest publication:Alleviating Fuel Poverty in the EU 
BPIE is organising the following events in the coming months

BPIE will speak at the following events in the coming months. 

  • 24.09.2014 FP7 APPRAISE conference "Assessment of Policy Interrelationships and Impact on Sustainability in Europe", Brussels
  • 06.10.2014 Energy Action Fuel Poverty Conference, Dublin
  • 15.10.2014 EurActiv High-level debate: Energy Efficiency in Non-residential Buildings : Bridging the gap to 2030, Brussels
  • 22-24.10.2014 IARU Sustainability Science Congress, Copenhagen 
  • 28-29.10.2014 5th Regional Energy conference, Sofia
  • 28-30.10.2014 Sustainable Buildings 14, Barcelona 
  • 05.11.2014 Renovate Europe Day, Brussels
  • 02.12.2014 Le photovoltaique dans le bâtiment: quelle contribution de l'énergie solaire à la réalisation des objectifs d'efficacité énergétique allemands et français ?, Lyon